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Maria Fonseca is a contemporary portrait photographer specializing in women’s portraiture and luxury photoshoots custom-designed to enhance your innate beauty.


Where you’re able to sustain and nurture this confidence. A future where you own stunning portraits of yourself that you’re proud of because they remind you of your capabilities every day.

This is not an imaginary scenario, this can be your reality. I’ve witnessed many women transform the way they think about themselves by capturing how I see them.


Where you’re celebrated regardless of your age, shape, or background. A day where you feel seen and appreciated for simply being you. A day where you feel beautiful in your own skin. A day where you will see yourself through my eyes. 

You have the power to reframe the way you see
yourself — and it all starts with investing in yourself.

The truth is,
you are 

“I just need to lose a little bit of weight.”
“I’m just not photogenic.”
“My family should be the one in photos, not me.”
“I’m awkward in front of a camera.”
“Why would I want images of just myself?”

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worthy of being celebrated

“A woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing. She goes where she will without pretense and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself and herself only.”

- Maya Angelou

More than a simple photoshoot

You are not just another date on my calendar. This is an all-inclusive day of pampering to celebrate you. During your photo shoot, you’ll receive full hair and makeup to enhance your natural beauty, several wardrobe changes to help you feel and look your best, expert posing guidance to reconnect you with your confidence, and a safe space where you can comfortably and effortlessly express yourself.

A transformational experience 

Society and the media often cause women to lose their self-confidence. During your photo shoot, we’ll work together to unlearn all the negative narratives you struggle with through affirmations. You'll be able to reclaim your beauty in a whole new way.

Legacy portraits to pass down to the next gen

The empowerment you feel during our time together will last forever in your portraits. Whether you have them framed for wall art or keep them in an heirloom folio box, they will serve as a daily reminder of your innate beauty and strength.

The Maria fonseca Luxury Experience

With me



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The Maria fonseca Luxury Experience

I’ve spent years perfecting my craft as a maternity, birth, dance, and portrait photographer. And the most valuable lessons I learned were not about aperture, lighting, or any other photography technicality. It was that no matter whom I was photographing — a mom, dancer, grandmother, entrepreneur, or any other woman — I saw them relax and radiate natural beauty, elegance, and strength. Unfortunately, they didn’t always recognize these traits in themselves.

I launched Maria Fonseca Photography with a mission to bring women on a transformational journey through a luxurious portraiture experience resulting in museum-grade images to remind them every day of their value.

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