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An Arlington-based Award Winning Portrait Photographer dedicated to helping women reconnect with their innate beauty by capturing their elegance and strength in stunning imagery.

hi, im maria.

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As a young mother, I was always taking photos of everyone else, but never thought I needed to exist in photos. Before I knew it, I was a busy single mom working a full-time job and whose priority was taking care of everyone but myself. Throughout my life, I rarely pampered myself.

Women often come to me feeling like they’re past their prime to be in photos, they don’t have time for a photo shoot, or they don’t see any special reason to celebrate themselves.

As women, we’re told we need to be selfless and to assimilate to our culture’s beliefs about beauty. And after that exhausting work, we’re suddenly no longer desirable after a certain age. And most of us must go through a journey to unlearn these harmful ways of thinking and learn how to replace them with with self-love and self-respect. But taking care of oneself like this is an idea often resisted. 

to continue being there unconditionally for the people I loved most, I learned I had to fill my cup with love before I could pour that love into someone else. This is the Empty Cup Theory:

Take care of yourself first, keep your cup full, then share with others.

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“When you take a photograph of someone, you take a portrait of their soul.”

- Winna Efendi

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we'll make:

The Maria fonseca Luxury Experience

The Maria fonseca Luxury Experience

Before our time together, women come to me believing:


They have to be a certain size, shape, and weight


It’s “too late” for them to be in photos


Confidence is an unattainable goal


Wanting photos of themselves is selfish

after our time together, they fully recognize:

They’re more than their body

There’s a beauty in every woman that extends far beyond age

The manifestation of confidence can happen for anyone, at anytime

The most selfless thing they can do for themself is to show up for themselves

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Though I have experience in many genres of photography — contemporary portraiture, documentary, performing arts, dance, weddings, maternity, and birth — my heart lies in women's  contemporary portraiture. Maybe you feel like it’s unnecessary to have portraits of yourself, a common feeling, which is why it's my mission to provide you with an unforgettable experience and leave you with images that serve as a powerful reminder of your value to the world. Ones that show just how much of a positive example you are to future generations.

When I’m not photographing, I am often enjoying classical ballet, reading, traveling to Cuba or Paris, or volunteering with some of my favorite charities.

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