Rebranding to Contemporary Portraiture

January 3, 2022

I have spent the past several years photographing the magic of birth and loved every minute of it. So many hours were spent on-call and/or in the hospital. Please follow my shifting thought process below.

Boston Portrait Photographer
Boston Portrait Photographer

The focus was always on birthing a healthy baby. Yet two creatures were being born … both baby and mother. I began thinking more about healthy motherhood and healthy womanhood and could feel my creative gears shifting and expanding. With such high maternal morbidity and mortality rates in the US … especially among women of color … I began focusing on healthy lifelong womanhood. I heard lots of conversations among women in their 20s and 30s. I continued these conversations and began marketing to women of all ages … career women, single women, married women, mothers, empty nesters. I finally hit on the beauty and wonder of what I am eager to capture on a consistent basis. I love capturing the joy of older women (age 40+) who often are living both joyful, thriving … and sometimes mischievous … lives. It is not a cliche that with age comes wisdom. I love photographing this demographic in all their glory. So while I will continue photographing women of all ages, I will actively market to older women to capture their spirit and grandeur. So I am stretching and growing and rebranding.

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